We Specialize with the following services:


1. Student Immersion Package (Learn While You Stay Program) (Live-In & Live-Out)

      a. Stay And Learn

      b. Learn From the Butler

      c. Tour of the Century

2. Hotel and Restaurant Practicum Assistance

3. Three (3) days Local Tour Package and (5) days International Tour package 

     (depending on the school requirement)

4. On-board Apprenticeship Program Cruise to the following location of your choice:

      a. Cebu      (3 days/2 nights) (80 hours)

      b. Cagayan (5 days/4 nights) (120 hours)

      c. Davao     (6 days/5 nights) (170 hours)

5. Maritine Exposure On-board Learning Program (Maritime Students) (3 to 7 days Package available)

6. Inport Vessel Familiarization Tours (half day)

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